08 February 2012

DeliverIncoming and DeliverPromote Messages

Recently I've worked on a task, when the user click on the "Track in CRM" button in his Outlook, update some field of the recipients of the email, who are a CRM users. Problem I faced I was not sure what message register the plugin on. At the beginning I've tried register plugin on  Create / Update messages. Plugin was successfully fired, but fields ToCcBcc of the Email entity instance were empty and I was not able to iterate through the list of the recipients of the email. Right messages for this purpose are DeliverIncoming / DeliverPromote. DeliverIncoming message is fired when the user clicks on "Track in CRM" button, and when you have registered image, all recipient fields will be populated with actual values in this case.
JFYI: Here is the list of supported messaged for plug ins.

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  1. DeliverIncoming only fires for eMails routed into the CRM queues by the eMail Router. It will not fire on eMails you send from the CRM system.